Drop by the forum on March 15 and download a 200 MB kit created by our members for our members.  There are 29 papers, 52 elements, and an alpha created by … A-M Designs, Ayla Designs, Designs by Bernie, CLC Designs, C.W. Creations, Snackpackgu’s Designs, LilyBelle Designs, Designs by Gloria ValVerde, Waite for the Moment Designs, JoanneK Scrap Stuffs, and TravlynWomyn Originals … all members of OSLS.  Have a look at these previews.  I’m sure you’ll see something you can’t live without.

OSLS_HereComesSpring_Part1Prv OSLS_HereComesSpring_Part2Prv OSLS_HereComesSpring_Part3Prv OSLS_HereComesSpring_Part4Prv OSLS_HereComesSpring_Part5Prv OSLS_HereComesSpring_Part6Prv

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